Your mission-critical operation is subject to rigorous wear and tear, “24/7, 365.” Without proper cleaning and maintenance, your console will be at risk.

Over time, continuous use of your console will inevitably cause minor misalignments, loose hardware and damage that affects ongoing performance. The buildup of dirt and debris around wires, cabling and power strips can cause equipment overheating and damage. Dust and mould can jeopardize your employee’s health and safety.

Janitorial cleaning services typically spend little time cleaning consoles. In any case, such cleaners lack special training and don’t know their way in and around a console. EVANS Care takes a deeper approach.

Minimal Disruption of Operations

EVANS understands that your operations can’t spare downtime for cleaning and maintenance. Our seamless approach to these tasks guarantees zero downtime to your console and minimal disruptions to adjacent areas, allowing your facility to operate fully while we service it.

Health, Security and Safety Compliance

We apply strict safety standards to everything we do, internally and externally. Our Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS)-certified EVANS Care team observes all pertinent safety regulations and standards, ensuring a safe outcome for everyone involved.