Enhanced flexible solutions that support future changes in the dynamic airport industry

Air-traffic Control

Improve flight safety, operator alertness and productivity

Air-traffic control is a defining function of an airport. EVANS solutions for air-traffic control towers provide important. EVANS solutions meet your visibility and collaboration requirements while seamlessly integrating airport technology such as flight management systems, maps, surface movement guidance and control systems (SMGCS), radar systems and surveillance displays.

Employing our experienced team of experts on airport-traffic control towers, we will work with you to determine the configuration that best supports your command centre’s communication, collaboration and visibility objectives.

Improving Controller Alertness

Operational excellence begins with an alert operator. To that end, our control-room solutions help with fatigue management, keeping operators vigilant for signs of outages, alarms and other abnormal conditions. To enable peak performance, our ergonomic design addresses individual environmental factors such as lighting, temperature, air quality and operator height.

Flexible, Future-proof Solutions

EVANS solutions are future-proof throughout their lifecycle, with built-in flexibility and durability to accommodate increased traffic flow and other demands.

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Minimal Disruption with Live Cutovers

EVANS understands that your operations run 24/7, 365 with no downtime permissible for installing a new control room. Our seamless approach to live cutovers ensures zero downtime and minimal disruptions to adjacent areas, allowing your facility to operate fully during an installation.

Time-sensitive Installations

EVANS understands the cost and time sensitivity of shutting down your facility for upgrades. Our project managers and installers adhere to the agreed-upon installation timelines.

Safety and Security Compliance

We apply strict safety standards to everything we do, internally and externally. Our certified installation teams observe all pertinent safety regulations and standards, ensuring a safe outcome for everyone involved. Our teams will also take additional site-specific training as needed to meet your safety protocols. When we work in secure areas, we will ensure that our team members fully understand and comply with all security protocols.