Landside Operations

Tailor-made solutions to address the dynamic airport landside industry

All airports share the goal of improving operational efficacy while streamlining the customer experience. EVANS airport solutions support these aims.

Industry Expertise

The number of travelers keeps increasing, especially during holiday seasons. Our experts in the airport space understand the demands on your check-in, ticketing, gate, security and passport-control infrastructure. Our integrated solutions support your operations with features for improved communication, operational flow, logistics and operator safety.

Made for Agents

Ticket and passenger agents form the front line of the airport industry as far as travelers are concerned. Given their hectic, high-stress environment, agents are prone to fatigue. Our landside-operations solutions address ergonomics, personal storage , clean sightlines and technological integration to ensure that agents can do their job comfortably and effectively.

Flexible, Future-proof Solutions

EVANS solutions are future-proof throughout their lifecycle, with built-in flexibility and durability to accommodate increased traffic flow and other demands. Our patented systems can be recladded and reconfigured, allowing you to renovate without having to install new counters.