Control Room Solutions for Medical Centres

Enabling your healthcare professionals to deliver enhanced patient-centered care

Radiology Reading Rooms

The design and location of radiology reading rooms can make or break efficient communications among physicians, technologists and patients.

We consider all elements of your radiology reading room from the placement of equipment to the range of motion that impacts a radiologist’s individual environment. To enable peak performance, our ergonomic design addresses individual environmental factors such as lighting, temperature, air quality, sound absorption and operator height.

Solutions for Icu and Operational Environments

Nurses in the critical- and intensive-care unit (ICU) save lives. EVANS solutions enhance communication among staff and accessibility for patients to information that speeds the delivery of patient care. Our medical experts will work with you to determine the configuration that best supports your ICU objectives.

Solutions for Control-room Security Operation Centres (Soc) in Medical Environments

Monitoring and protecting patients, doctors and nurses is a high priority for medical centres. Our solutions consider staff flow, circulation and equipment placement. Our ergonomic design addresses individual environmental factors such as lighting, temperature, air quality and operator height and range of motion.

Operational excellence begins with alert doctors and nurses. To that end, our control-room solutions help with fatigue management, keeping medical personnel vigilant for signs of patients in distress.

Flexible, Future-proof Solutions

EVANS solutions are future-proof throughout their lifecycle, with built-in flexibility and durability to accommodate increased traffic flow and other demands.

Minimal Disruption with Live Cutovers

EVANS understands that your operations run 24/7, 365 with no downtime permissible for installing a new control room. Our seamless approach to live cutovers ensures zero downtime and minimal disruptions to adjacent areas, allowing your plant to operate fully during an installation.

Time-sensitive Installations

EVANS understands the cost and time sensitivity of shutting down your facility for upgrades. Our project managers and installers adhere to the agreed-upon installation timelines.

Safety and Security Compliance

We apply strict safety standards to everything we do, internally and externally. Our certified installation teams observe all pertinent safety regulations and standards, ensuring a safe outcome for everyone involved. Our teams will also take additional site-specific training as needed to meet your safety protocols. When we work in secure areas, we will ensure that our team members fully understand and comply with all security protocols.