Robust future-proof control room solutions that increase productivity and reduce emergency-response times.

Power Generation

The control room is the nucleus of your operation. Our holistic design approach considers integrative, individual, safety and environmental factors while meeting your operational business goals. EVANS control rooms increase operator productivity, enhance monitoring of asset performance management systems and enable faster, more rational responses during abnormal and emergency procedures.

Improving Operator Alertness

Our control-room solutions help keep operators alert and vigilant for signs of outages, alarms and other abnormal conditions. To enable peak performance, our ergonomic design addresses individual environmental factors such as lighting, temperature, air quality and operator height. We optimize equipment placement and range of motion for ease of use during stressful abnormal situations.

Operational and Process Visibility

Our solutions allow continuous network monitoring to minimize safety risks, identify areas for improvement in plant reliability, optimize process performance and protect asset uptime.

We configure our solutions to meet your requirements for visibility of monitors and video management systems, communication and collaboration with key stakeholders during abnormal situations.