Flexible console accessories that maximize the workspace and enhance operator comfort.

EnviroLinc control management system

The EnviroLinc environmental control management system puts customized comfort at your fingertips. The dedicated touchpad’s capacitive screen allows the operator to control fan speed, temperature, lighting levels, lift-column height and more; a USB-connected Windows-based PC can also serve as the interface.

EnviroLinc eliminates the need for extra fan or heater controls, eliminating workspace clutter. The system is programmed with three presets: critical, collaboration and normal operation. These one-button automations reconfigure settings for monitors, lights and sit-stand operation of the console. Preferences can be saved for up to three users per console.

LumiLinc visual management system

LumiLinc display panels, integrating seamlessly with EVANS consoles, are unobtrusive during normal operations but provide prominent visual alerts when upset conditions occur. LEDs can be colour-coded to indicate various situations.


Monitor mounts

Unity arm

The Unity Arm maintains the operator viewing angle as the monitor rises or lowers; controls are flush-mounted to the worksurface to avoid accidental adjustments. The precision glide system is available in manual or electronic control options. Our EnviroLinc control interface offers programmable height, angle and focal-depth settings of the monitor array with the touch of a button. The quick-release plate makes connection and removal a snap.

Unity arm
E-Arm and E-Arm with piston assist

Our E-Arm family supports the increasingly larger screen requirements of today’s mission-critical operations with a universal mounting bracket that can carry 40 pounds (18 Kg). Quick-release technology simplifies monitor change-outs and minor alignments. Single-high, double-high and side-by-side options are available for Slatwall and desktop-mounted systems. Tilt, swing and height adjustments permit an infinite number of ergonomic viewing angles.

E-Arm with piston assist
Slatrail and slatwall accessories

Our slatrail and slatwall systems can mount a wide range of EVANS accessories, including articulating phone shelving, binder shelving, cup holders, inbox shelving, pen and pencil cups, loudspeaker shelving, status and task lighting and tissue-box holders.