The Planning and Design Process

A dynamic and engaging workspace does not happen by accident. It is the end product of a successful partnership between you (the client and end user) and our team of experienced professionals.

To us, a single office or an entire turn-key facility requires the same attention to detail and is rooted in the same foundational process:

Initial Consultation:

Meeting face to face at your office provides a perfect opportunity to review your goals, review photos of previous projects.

Site Survey:

Perhaps the most critical phase of the process, the site survey begins with interviewing staff members to gain a full understanding of their roles, daily tasks and any specific requirements. The second phase of site work is the physical site measurement, done to create a highly detailed AutoCAD drawing of the available space. In case of reconfigurations, this phase of site work also includes an inventory of existing equipment and furniture which is used alongside the AutoCAD drawing, creating an accurate "as-built" template to work from.

Space Planning/Preliminary Layouts:

Preliminary blocking layouts are created to confirm feasibility, establish square footage and spatial positioning of workstations and other equipment.

Furniture Specification and Prototyping:

With the overall footprint taken care of we can now focus on the individual components and details of the furniture. Deploying 3D line drawings and photorealistic renderings we provide you a virtual overview of the proposed furnishings, ensuring a clear understanding of the components specified and removing any surprises upon installation.

Project Budget:

A detailed proposal including an itemized quotation for the furniture options is provided to the client.

Liaise with Other Trades:

With electrical, communication, flooring and other contractors often being involved in the project it is critical to be proactive and ensure open communication and information flow. From our furniture drawings, we provide the related trades with the location of electrical and communication entry points and any related details.


It's finally here, the day you’ve been waiting for! Our factory trained installation professionals deliver and set-up the new furnishings in a timely manner, remove any packaging material and leave your new space ready to be occupied.

Planning - Elevation
Planning - Line Drawings
Planning - Renderings